May 23, 2017

Why Do You Need Dynamic Routing

Having grown the number of networks routes, it easily becomes impossible to keep a large network fully connected via static routes. Moreover, modern service providers continue to face several challenges caused by complex, dynamic traffic patterns and increasing demand for bandwidth with high expectations for service quality.

Therefore, providers have started to seek better ways to maintain routing tables in order to overcome the complexity of today’s networks and reduce administrative oversight.

Dynamic routing provides excellent capabilities for real-time routing. It allows you to dynamically respond to the slightest change in a vendor’s rates, easily configure any routing process, or perform other operations after a new rate is uploaded. The effect of a dynamic route is simple: It decides whether an arriving event (call, data, SMS) should be accepted and, if so, how the event should be routed. The main point of dynamic routing is that it allows providers and managers to determine routes based on events and get the maximum revenue from that event.
The ideal billing platform should allow you to set up and manage routing through one GUI. It should help save time and reduce the need for extra adjustments on the softswitches. All needed settings should be configurable on the billing side.

The JeraSoft Billing Platform for Mobile and Business Telecoms and IoT Providers solves the complexity and operational inefficiency of today’s providers. It has an integrated DR module, sometimes referred to as “LCR Routing”. The platform’s VCS Dynamic Routing takes care of routes and keeps events management efficient and automated. This module is intended to configure a dedicated routing policy for specific customers or destinations, control and block unprofitable events, and provide SIP Redirect and RADIUS-based routing.

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