Rates Management

In VoIP, you would get nowhere without rate management and proper control of your destinations. This is where JeraSoft Telecom Billing Software (VCS) can help you! By using a range of our telecom billing platform’s flexible and convenient tools, you can run a more efficient telecom business:

  • Analysis tools to perform various analyses on your rates;
  • A rate generator to create ready-to-be-sent price lists for your customers;
  • An LCR list generator to get a list of your current target destinations with exact prices
  • An automatic rate import feature to import rates from received vendors’ email;
  • Rate match finder tools to dramatically ease the routine work of your managers to find acceptable origination-termination pairs.

Rate Generator

The Rate Generator allows you to prepare and compose a rates list for your customers by analyzing multiple sources (rate tables, vendors’ rates), choosing relevant data (desired destination plus quality measurements), and applying your margins (either absolute or relative value). Afterward, your newly created or updated rate list is ready to be sent!

Rate Notifications

Rate notifications allow you to send notifications about rate changes to your customers within the VCS interface. In short – if your customer’s rate table is updated – the system will automatically generate and send an email notification to that customer with information about which rates were increased, decreased, closed, etc. You can easily manage settings and define in what cases your clients should receive notifications and what type of message will be used.

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Rates Analyzing

Rates Analysis allows you to compare rate lists from different suppliers to find those best suited for your purposes, build LCR lists to get a complete analysis of your current operations or simply analyze your current customers’ and vendors’ rates on chosen destinations.

LCR Lists

LCR Lists generator creates a list of your current targets by using your statistical information. This greatly simplifies negotiating process between you and your potential provider. By exchanging precise data it is much easier to reach a consensus than before!

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