October 19, 2015

JeraSoft Integrates with Cataleya Orchid One

The JeraSoft Team is proud to announce the successful completion of integration with Cataleya’s Orchid One session and application manager. This development will enable all users of JeraSoft VCS and Cataleya Orchid One to have a stable, well tested and professionally supported solution suitable for their carrier platform.

Implementing this integration will allow customers to have access to the quality carrier-grade billing platform and services, combined with an enhanced carrier-grade SBC equipment that provides full visibility into the network and applications. For more details about Cataleya’s Orchid One platform configuration for JeraSoft VCS, please look through our Integration Manual at the following link: Cataleya guide for VCS

The JeraSoft team will be happy to address any questions regarding integration and use of our carrier-grade billing platform with Cataleya Orchid One switches.

About JeraSoft

JeraSoft is the leading developer and integrator of high-quality billing solutions for Telecom (Retail Services, Mobile VoIP, Business Telephony, OTT, Wholesale VoIP and SMS) and IoT/M2M providers around the world. Since 2005 JeraSoft has been putting together key insight and successful billing management practices, combining them with state-of-the-art web and telecom technologies. The result is a powerful platform the Telecom and IoT providers can use to streamline billing processes and add value to their business.

About Cataleya

Cataleya is a leader in IP networking innovation, with a strong track record in developing and deploying next generation carrier grade switching systems, pushing the envelope in an all IP paradigm. As part of Epsilon Global Communications, they benefit from deep experience in procuring, managing, maintaining and operating global networks. All of their technologies benefit from Epsilon’s innovative DNA and relentless pursuit of more efficient and effective business models.

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