January 24, 2023

Everything you should know about FreeSwitch and JeraSoft

VoIP businesses have been developing rapidly. And when you launch any kind of projects in the VoIP sphere (domain), of course, you are looking for an advantageous way. You think first of all about how to start with minimal expenses, picking up hardware, software and people who can manage it all, partners and clients.

It seems that everything is going like clockwork, rapid growth starts…. And then the technical issues start to happen! What’s the point: your future business stability depends on how the work is organized initially.

Some of our clients have used open source switches such as FreeSwitch before their businesses have grown. Thus, they tested their hypotheses and built business models at minimal cost. But most importantly, they were provided with strong technical support from our side. And every time difficulties occurred, we were next to them as a reliable technical partner. Many of them told us that they would not have gone through this thorny path of establishing their business without our support.

We are flattered, but at the same time it’s quite sobering. As the responsibility increases, we understand that the client is relying on our strong support. Plus, we specially developed OPEx calculation for beginners. It saves the owner’s budget a lot more than if he bought the entire system. And he still receives highly qualified technical support from our side.

What happens if you take free open source billing?

Instant joy from ephemeral savings. And then — anxiety and disappointment. When it comes to cost calculation, especially other people’s assets, there should be no failures. Even if a failure occurs, there must be a power that can instantly solve the problem.

We have been on the market for 19 years and our reputation is very important to us.

When you decide to work with us and using FreeSwitch, you must understand that we are committed to:

  • help you with integration (sometimes with migration);
  • help you set up the billing system;
  • provide training on the system;
  • implement everything possible that you need (within agreements).

And JeraSoft will become your reliable partner for many years!

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