Andrii Bashtannik


“When you are starting your own telecom business, you automatically start dreaming of becoming the next Version. However, the fact that you’ve basically got nothing to lose seemed rather advantageous and to some extent inspiring for me,” says Andrii Bashtannik, CTO at Spacetel. “When we just started, all we’ve got was passion, it turned out to be enough.”

Founded in 2015, Spacetel is a telecommunication company that provides smart solutions for business telephony providers and offers toll-free numbers – 8-800 numbers, virtual PBX options (record conversations, a single network of numbers, a callback option to the client) and other telecom services. In the first year of launch, the company provided a 5 million minute license to its subscribers, now this figure has grown to 20 million and is continuing to expand every day.

Choosing Billing Software

“The core problem for us at the very beginning was finding the first billing software. Not only was the software to be reliable and multifunctional to reduce the total predicted costs, but more importantly, it had to eliminate common errors and unpredictabilities,” he says. Indeed, a standard set for billing solution was immensely high, since Spacetel was looking for a product that would automate billing process, at the same time allowing it to be flexible and adaptable for customization, with all underwritten core features:

  • Work with large amounts of data
  • Ability to quickly and easily integrate with other systems (chosen softswitch)
  • Ability to configure routing on the billing side
  • Retail – tools to control subscriber’s write-offs
  • Management of 8-800 numbers
  • Possibility of clustering
  • Automatic download capability
  • Flexible rate (tariff) management
  • Recommendations

“For us, it was extremely important to find the best platform on the market that could ensure the rapid launch of business processes and the uninterrupted automation from scratch. What is more, it was of crucial to find the team we would be on the same page with us. Billing is one of the foundations of our business model, and it requires a constant support that depends on the competency of each member of our chosen provider,” he says.

“We needed a full-featured software from the very beginning, as we understood the necessity to expand our business and didn’t want to switch to another software in a year. To be honest, it wasn’t an easy task to pick a solution, but the one we’ve chosen, and, hopefully, been using ever since, is a good example of what I like to call the right decision. We’ve made our choice in favor of JeraSoft’s billing software, and the deciding factor for that was its productivity, the possibility of clustering, as well as a ready solution for integration with softswitch.”

Business Upper Hand

Right decisions inevitably lead to positive ramifications. In Andrii’s opinion, these are the 3 major benefits that JeraSoft brought to the table:


Available routing and working with tariffs is the functionality of the JeraSoft Billing Platform, which provides automation of the Spacetel billing processes. Flexible and automated reporting allowed Spacetel to reduce 40% of the time companies usually spend on large-scale data analysis.

“With JeraSoft, most of our processes, including fixing bugs, are automated – this is something other companies lack. Thus, we came to the more efficient use of time,” states  Andrii Bashtannik. “The availability and simplicity of the interface, as well as the versatility of the platform features and the ability to customize them with each new version for the company’s sophisticated needs, are the strong points of the billing solution”.

Care and Support

“JeraSoft has a strong technical support team. We get answers to all the questions instantly. Even if the issue cannot be solved immediately, they are doing their best to deliver a solution as soon as possible. If we need help, their guys are always there to assist us at any time of the day. Our relations are built on trust because business processes do not depend solely on the product, but also on the people who develop and support it”


In addition, Andrii confessed that during the long-term usage of the telecom billing platform by JeraSoft, Spacetel had revealed advantages of its use, such as the introduction of subscriber charges for incoming calls and API integration with the company’s website.

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